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Applied Hair Science Conference
Creativity & Organizational Innovation
Hair & Scalp Biology Workshop
Hair & Hair Product Science Course
Measuring Skin & Products Course
Science Behind Hair Claims Course
UV Light - Skin Industry Workshop
Variations of Hair & Skin Conference

Inspiring, Educating and Connecting Through Science

Dedicated to providing the highest quality of continuing education available to meet the ever expanding needs of the industries we serve, The TRI/Princeton Professional Education Program believes that Education is a lifelong need for individual as well as professional growth. Only through continual learning can we hope to maintain the highest level of professional excellence.

The TRI/Princeton Professional Education Program strives to provide industry relevant scientific programs around the world reflecting our commitment Inspiring, Educating and Connecting Through Science.

greencheckboxlrgHair and Hair Product Science – May 14-15, 2015

The in-depth examination of the science of hair and hair care products for professionals in the hair fiber and cosmetics industries.

greencheckboxlrgHair & Scalp Biology Workshop – 2015 TBD

This one day intensive workshop on hair and scalp biology, taught by leading hair biologist, Dr. Gillian Westgate, is intended to organize and advance hair and scalp biology as an integral component of hair care product development.

greencheckboxlrgScience Behind Hair Claims – 2015 TBD

This course focuses on attributes of hair together with testing and technical knowledge leading to the support of product claims.  In addition, there is a review of the media perspective and regulatory aspects of the claims process.

greencheckboxlrgMeasuring Skin and Product Applications – April 2016

Designed to cover broad applications including dermatology, wound care, pharmaceutical and topical applications.  Included in this workshop are technical discussions on the physiology of skin, anatomy of skin, molecular biology, irritation, inflammation, pigmentation, transport barriers, biophysics and bio-responses.

greencheckboxlrgApplied Hair Science Conference – 2016 TBD

Bringing together the people creating hair care products today and tomorrow with the creators of the newest product technology, technical insights, and measurement methods.

greencheckboxlrgPersonal Creativity and Organizational Innovation – 2016 TBD

Engage every employee in your company to create a culture of Innovation by understanding both the strengths and limitations of their individual style of Creativity and specific ways to engage that creativity for renewed Organizational Innovation.

greencheckboxlrgUV Light – Skin Industry Workshop – 2016 TBD

This workshop is intended to be radically different from workshops of the past, building the basic common expertise required to drive discussion and debate on the best new paths forward for UV protection in the twenty first century.

greencheckboxlrgVariations of Hair and Skin – 2017 TBD

This focused international conference provides a unique platform to discuss variations of both hair and skin due to ethnicity, age, and health and approaches to design and market innovative products targeted to treat these effects.


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