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10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science

10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science

MON 6th TO FRI 10th — JUNE 2022

An Online Conference by TRI Princeton
Available Live & On Playback

Join us at TRI for the week of June 6th - 10th, 2022, for the 10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science.  This conference will be live streamed.  All the presentations will also be available to attendees on playback on the conference website for 3 months after the live event.  Video content will, thereafter, be available on the TRI Library.  Visit the library to view all last year’s conference presentations

10th International Conference on Applied Hair Science (680 x 337 px) (980 x 486 px) (4).pn
Conference Agenda
All Times Eastern Standard Time
Session 1 - Hair Biology
Monday, 6th June
Chaired by Mike Davis & Sponsored by Procter & Gamble

8:30a - 8:45a

Introduction to Conference

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA

8:45a - 9:30a

Plenary: Advances in the Use of Ex Vivo and In Vitro Models to Understand Hair Biology and Hair Fibre Formation

Prof. Mike Philpott, Queen Mary University of London, UK

9:30a - 10:00a

Molecular Responses to Visible Light Suggests Roles in Maintaining Hair Growth

Gill Westgate, University of Bradford, UK

10:00a - 10:30a

Complexity of the Hair Follicle as Seen with Confocal Imaging of the Normal and Diseased Follicle

Maria Hordinsky, University of Wisconsin, USA

10:30a - 10:35a

Comfort Break

10:35a - 11:05a

Why Does Hair Change With Age?  Insights Into the Importance of a Healthy Follicle Environment

Rachael Williams, University of Bradford, UK

11:05a - 11:35a

Effects of CBD on Hair and Hair Growth

Jamie Baumgarner, Panacea Life Sciences, USA

11:35a - 12:05p

Simulating Cosmetic Results by Artificial Intelligence and Skin Color Rendering, a New Way to Cross the Evaluation of Consumer Preferences

Anthony Galliano, L’Oréal Research and Innovation, France

Session 2 - Insights Into Hair Structure
Tuesday, 7th June
Chaired by Dr Philippe Barbarat & Sponsored by L’Oréal

8:30a - 8:35a

Introduction to Session

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA

8:35a - 9:15a

Role of Melanin in Structural Colors & Heat Management

Prof. Ali Dhinojwala, School of Polymer Science, The University of Akron, USA

9:15a - 9:45a

Cuticle: What's new?

Bernd Noecker, Kao Company, Germany

9:45a - 10:15a

Structural Hints from Hair Moisture Sorption

Crisan Popescu, CP Enterprises. Germany 

10:15a - 10:20a

Comfort Break

10:20a - 10:50a

Non-Linear Viscoelastic Performance of Hair Fibres After Permanent, Strain-Induced Structural Changes

Paul Carpenter, Unilever, UK

10:50a - 11:20a

Hair Internal Structure Response to Shape Modification

Giacomo Mariani, L’Oréal, France

11:20a - 11:50a

Failure Testing of Human Hair: Model-Based Analysis of Constant Strain Experiments

Leila Berriche, Henkel, Germany

Poster Sessions
Wednesday, 8th June
Chaired by Paul Cornwell, TRI Princeton & Sponsored by Dyson

8:30a - 8:45a

Introduction to Poster Sessions

Each Poster Will Have 6 Minutes


Evaluation of Thermal Damage Resulting from Different Protocols

Gasparin and Thomaz, Symrise, Brazil


Nature-Derived Polysaccharide Technology for Superior Suspension and Performance in Shampoos: A Rheology Study

Tuttu Nuutinen, Ashland, Netherlands


Potential Mechanistic Insights Into the Activity of Maleic Acid & Hair

Dan Burnett, Surface Measurement Systems, USA


Quantifying Hair Shaft Oxidative Damage for Particle Attraction

Phoebe Tham, A*STAR, Singapore 


Further Insights in Single Hair Fibre Cyclic Fatigue – Looking Beyond Cycles to Break & Other Experimental Aspects

Rebecca Lunn, Dia-Stron, UK


Understanding Biosurfactant Performance in Shampoos Through High-Throughput Research

Janet McMillan, Dow, USA


Using Cumulative-Strain Torsional Braid Analysis (csTBA) for Polymer Characterization in Hair Cosmetic Context

Clarissa Brechtken, Henkel, Germany


Understanding & Addressing Textured Hair Needs in Various Global Markets

Lexi Milano and Tosin Dania, BASF


Subcritical Guayusa Extract As a Protector of the Scalp & Hair Shaft Damage Induced by Oxidative Hair Dyes: An In Vitro, Ex Vivo & Clinical Approach

Simone Stefoni, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, Brazil


New Evaluation Methods for Afro Hair: Understanding Shrinkage & Hair Breakage

K. Molamodi, L’Oréal, South Africa


3D FTIR Scalp Mapping for Clinical Hair Product Evaluation

Matthieu Jomier, Newtone Technologies, USA 


A New Method for Assessing Adhesive Properties of Hair Extensions 

Jamirah Ross, TRI Princeton, USA 


Effects of Saltwater on Hair

Arya Esrafily, TRI Princeton, USA 

Session 3 - Hair Insults & Protection
Thursday, 9th June
Chaired by Hans-Martin Haake & Sponsored by BASF 

8:30a - 8:35a

Introduction to Session

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA

8:35a - 9:15a

Swelling & Softening Behaviour of Natural Fibre Bundles Under Hygro- & Hydrothermal Conditions

Nicolas Le Moigne, and Stephane Corn, Hybrid Polymer Composites Group, IMT Mines Alès, France

9:15a - 9:45a

What’s the Weakest Link in Hair: How Does Protein Distribution & Conformation Across the Cortex Affect Tensile Performance

Marina Richena, Ag Research, New Zealand

9:45a - 10:15a

Visualizing & Quantifying Hair Nourishing Benefit with FRAP

Yu Wang, P&G, Singapore 

10:15a - 10:20a

Comfort Break

10:20a - 10:50a

Single Fiber Fatigue Testing: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Trefor Evans, TRI-Princeton, USA

10:50a - 11:20p

Ultraviolet Light & Heat Work in Synergy on Peptide Degradation

Nikolas Vagkidis, University of York, UK

11:20a - 11:50a

A Mechanistic Analysis of Changes in Hair Shape at High Temperatures

Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Ashland, USA

Session 4 - New Methods & Technologies
Friday, 10th June
Chaired by Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA & Sponsored by Church & Dwight

8:30a - 8:35a

Introduction to Session

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, USA

8:35a - 9:15a

Multi-Scale Wetting of Fibers: Principles, Methods & Application Examples

Ass. Prof. David Seveno, Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium

9:15a - 9:45a

Unraveling the Wettability of Curly Hair

Nawel Baghdadli, L’Oreal, France

9:45a - 10:15a

Mechanistic Insights Into a Revolutionary New Way of Permanent Hair Shaping

Steven Breakspear, Kao, Germany

10:15a - 11:20a

Comfort Break

10:20a - 10:50a

A Cantilever Three-Point Bending Technique To the Study the Mechanical Properties of Naturally Derived Styling Ingredients

Roger McMullen, Ashland, USA

10:50a - 11:20a

Automated Measurement of Spatial Resolved Hair-Hair Single Fiber Adhesion

Tom Cristiani, University of California, USA

11:20a - 11:50a

Time Dependent Changes of Elastic Modulus: A Sensitive Tool to Monitor Hydrogen & Hydroxide Ion Equilibrium of Human Hair Fibres In An Aqueous Environment

Thomas Davies, Diastron, UK

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