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3rd Multi-Ethnic
Hair & Scalp Care Symposium

Tuesday 6th – Wednesday 7th June 2023

The Oyster Point Hotel, 146 Bodman Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701
🔴 Live Stream & Playback Available for Virtual Attendees

Hair and scalp care needs vary enormously around the world, reflecting the huge diversity of hair types, hair habits, economic circumstances, and geographies. The Multi-Ethnic Hair and Scalp Care Symposium, first established by TRI Princeton in 2019, brings together the latest research in the hair and scalp care needs of consumers with different hair types and from different parts of the world, with a particular emphasis on textured hair.

Textured Hair Consortium Project

This year TRI will be presenting, for the first time, the key discoveries made from the Textured Hair Consortium Project. Funded by 10 industry sponsors, and TRI itself, to the tune of $1 million, this project, that ran from 2019-2021, made major discoveries in hair breakage, scalp conditions and claims testing methodologies for Walker Type 4, very curly, hair. The findings will be presented in a series of keynote presentations and posters at this symposium.

3rd Multi-Ethnic (4).png
Call for Papers

If you wish to submit a paper for a podium or poster presentation, please contact us.

The submission deadlines are (i) end of March for podiums, and (ii) early May for posters.

Registration Details

This year the Symposium will be delivered in a hybrid format. For people wanting to attend in person and to start networking and meeting friends again, we have a full-scale live event, including a Poster & Cocktails Reception on the evening of Day 1. Our live event will take place at The Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank on the New Jersey coast ( ). Red Bank is about a 50 miles drive south from Manhattan, and accessible by bus and train. For those wanting to attend on-line, the event will be streamed live and available to play back.

Registrations for the event are priced the same ($400), regardless of whether people attend live or on-line.  As usual there are early-bird discounts, free places for member companies, academic discounts, and group discounts.  Contact us for more detail about these.  For people attending the live event there is a Live Attendance Supplement ($250) to off-set venue and food costs over the two days.  Rooms at the Hotel can be booked with a block-booking discount, contact us for more details.

To register and purchase your Live Attendance Supplement, click here.

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Countdown to Symposium

If you are interested in viewing all the presentations from the 2nd Multi-Ethnic Hair and Scalp Care Symposium, held in 2020, please visit the TRI Library

Event Agenda
All Times Eastern Standard Time
8:30a - 8:45a Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Wednesday, June 6th
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Session 1 – Scalp Health and Scalp Microbiome


8:45a - 9:30a

Changes in Scalp Condition with Curl Type and Wash Frequency (Textured Hair Consortium – Keynote)

Paul Cornwell, TRI Princeton, NJ

9:30a - 10:00a

Most Common Hair and Scalp Disorders in Black Patients: Clinical, Trichoscopic, and Treatment Studies

Dr Amy McMicheal, Wake Forest School of Medicine, NC

10:00a - 10:30a

Scalp Microbiota Analysis to Elaborate a Solution to Treat Oily Scalp

Sabrina Leoty-Okombi, BASF, France



11:00a - 11:30a

Effects of Curl Type on Scalp Lipids and Proteins, FTIR Studies (Textured Hair Consortium – Keynote)

Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud, TRI Princeton, NJ

11:30a - 12:00p

Scalp Microbiome – Latest Discoveries and Cosmetic Applications

Kimberly Capone, Capone Consulting Group, NY


Session 2 – Hair Types and Properties


1:30p - 2:15p

Keynote: Why is Textured Hair So Fragile? (Textured Hair Consortium – Keynote)

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, NJ

2:15p - 2:45p

The Effect of Fibre Twist On The Fatigue Behaviour of High Curl Type Hair

Rebecca Lunn and Thomas Davies, Dia-Stron Ltd, UK

2:45p - 3:15p

Ethnic Hair and Scalp - A Comparative Study

Ali & Maliha Syed, Avlon Industries, IL


3:45p - 4:15p

The Role of Matrix/Intermediate Filament Interactions on the Shape and Cosmetic Properties of Curly Hair

Manuel Gamez Garcia, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA

4:15p - 5:00p

Introduction of Posters by Poster Presenters – Part 2

5:00p - 6:00p

Poster Session and Cocktail Reception

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8:30a - 8:45a Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Thursday, June 7th 
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Session 3 – Hair and Scalp Care Treatments


8:30a - 9:15a

Strengthening Textured Hair (Textured Hair Consortium – Keynote)

Trefor Evans, TRI Princeton, NJ

9:15a - 9:45a

India Hair Oils and Their Effects On The Hair

Pankhuri Chandani, Dabur, India (Online)

9:45a - 10:15a

Innovative, New Hair Relaxer Technology



10:45a - 11:15a

Speaker To Be Confirmed

11:15a - 11:45a

Speaker To Be Confirmed

11:45a - 12:15a

Speaker To Be Confirmed


Session 4 – New Methods

1:15p - 2:00p

New Claim Support Methods for Textured Hair: Shine, Curl Elongation, Friction and Breakage (Textured Hair Consortium – Keynote)

Ernesta Malinauskyte and Leila Sorrells, TRI Princeton, NJ

2:00p - 2:30p

Overcoming the Challenges of Measuring the Attributes of Textured Hair

Roger McMullen, Ashland, NJ

2:30p - 3:00p

Understanding Scalp Skin With and Without Dandruff: An In-Vivo Raman Study

Paul Pudney, Unilever, UK (Online)

3:00p - 3:30p

Speaker To Be Confirmed

3:30p - 4:00p

Speaker To Be Confirmed

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