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TRI Princeton is an independent, non-profit, scientific research and education organization. Since 1930, TRI has provided research solutions to a wide variety of domestic and international industrial companies, governmental organizations, and academic institutions.  Through our history of creating novelty with fibers for the textile industry, today we are fully focused on the personal care industry through hair, skin, tooth and all the available cosmetics formularies.

The core of TRI is our research and how we leverage this to hone our skills through which we support our many clients with our technical services. By specializing in a combination of fundamental and applied science, we are recognized leaders in the personal care industry and have pioneered new methods and techniques to drive innovation in the field, set new standards by which the industry can follow, and raise the scientific bar in our industry to help maintain industry regulations and formats for product development and launches.

From college interns to post-doctoral fellows to industry professionals, TRI is committed to educating today’s and the next generation of scientists. Through our Professional Education Program, along with our various student employment opportunities, we provide the industry and the scientific community with a solid foundation of educated, motivated professionals.  By contrast, our Scientific Conferences are renown for their technical standing and for bringing together today’s scientists with tomorrow’s innovators to bridge the gap of learning and creativity.

Clientele Service
Superior customer support, timely follow up, and personalized project management separate TRI from the many other testing and research facilities your company could choose. Our team of scientists is dedicated to providing you with thorough, accurate research with on time delivery of solutions. The service we offer personalizes the test program, collects the information, and analyzes the data specifically for your needs using our custom and/or commercial techniques and facilities.

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