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Active Delivery Studies



FTIR images of hair cross sections showing the penetration of actives. The picture on the left is a light microscope image of hair sections. The picture on the right is a FTIR-imaging visualisation of the same sections using false colours to denote the concentration of actives inside the hair fibre. The same techniques can also monitor chemical changes in the hair, e.g. hair lipid content, hair protein damage.

Straight Hair Model
Active Delivery Studies
If you want to show that your actives deposit onto the hair surface or penetrate deeper into the fiber you may consider doing some active delivery studies.

FTIR Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy enables us to visualize the distribution of a particular molecule or ingredient on the hair surface or in a hair cross-section.  The key advantage of FTIR and Raman imaging is that is often possible to image active delivery without needing to chemically modify, or ‘tag’, the active.  Formulations can be applied as supplied.

TRI Publications
Zhang et al (2018)
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