Actives Deposition, Delivery, Penetration, & Impacting Parameters

Actives Deposition, Delivery, Penetration & Impacting Parameters


TRI is studying and comparing the effects of formulation applications on ex-vivo skin using products, delivery/penetration enhancers, and actives of interest to determine delivery of active ingredients into the stratum corneum. To achieve this goal, we investigate the product penetration inside the stratum corneum of the skin by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. Attenuated total reflectance (ATR)-FTIR spectroscopy is used to follow the deposition and penetration of the active in the layers of skin (Stratum Corneum) by determining relative ingredient levels. Spectra will be collected at the skin surface before treatment (control), on the skin surface after treatment (deposition) and then after sequentially tape strips (penetration).


This technique can be employed to:

• Investigate skin damage (control, chemical treatment, UV exposure, treatments, etc.)

• Analyze the deposition of an active ingredient on

skin surface and its penetration (after tape stripping).

• Moisturization effect from a product application.

Can be measured at different depths (after tape stripping).

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