Alison Robinson

Environmental Health & Safety Manager

My strong technical bias has led me through (a) ceramics with Royal Doulton Research (UK) for 4 years, (b) the Analytical Division of the BP Research Centre at Sunbury-on-Thames (UK) for some 7 years, then (c) the Colloid Science Department with BP Research where I spent nearly 9 years studying wax stabilized emulsions, gas oil haze, microtoming filtered copepod waxes in polluted sea waters, crude oil emulsions (which incidentally took me around the world from North Slope, Alaska through Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many of BP's offshore platforms in the North Sea).  I also controlled and worked on pilot plants and used these along with laboratory emulsion test data to help design the topside crude oil production equipment for oil fields such as Buchan, Forties and Magnus not forgetting the North Slope of America.

After spending 4 years in BP International Ltd, Group Occupational Health Centre as information and quality control officer, and later as Membership Manager for the Rifle Association of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, I joined International Specialty Chemicals in Wayne NJ where I worked as Scientist developing polymers for handling produced gas hydrates and later high performance polymers for drilling and reservoir management.  These all led me to Laboratory Manager of Waste Water Processes, LLC where we developed process technologies to remove mercury from rundown waters of Coal Fired Power stations.  I Recently joined TRI Princeton to support the contract services for evaluating and quantifying client hair products functionality for hair care.
Throughout all these activities, as a graduate in chemistry, I have been versatile in handling laboratory and pilot plant equipment and have always been regarded as a custodian of health and safety practices when representing the HS&E committees in both BP Research (where I represented some 100+ scientists and engineers) and later ISP (with some 50-80 scientists and chemists). 

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