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Hair Breakage from

Repeated Grooming

Automated Repeated Grooming Device

Repeated Grooming video.

Brown Hair Model
Hair Breakage from Repeated Grooming
Automated Repeated Grooming Device
If you are interested in how well your hair conditioning product, or styling device, is preventing hair breakage from repeated brushing or combing, then you may consider performing a repeated grooming test.  This test is frequently used by our clients to support hair strength claims.  It can also be adapted to cover heat protection claims.

Our methodology utilizes a custom-built automated grooming device.  It consists of a hollow rotating drum-like assembly where four outer crossbars contain holders for mounting combs or brushes. These outer arms are detachable to allow for different holders to be mounted and experiments to be performed using a variety of combs or brushes. The four combs or brushes are mounted at 90° angles and in one complete drum revolution the tress is combed or brushed four times.  Plates are located under each tress to collect fiber fragments, while spacer plates on the rotating drum prevent cross contamination. Experiments are performed in a controlled humidity room.

This test is sensitive to the levels of underlying hair damage, and TRI can advise on best levels of hair damage needed for your study.  TRI can also advise on the ideal numbers of replicates needed for you study, and on the controls needed to produce a robust and valid result.

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