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Skin Barrier Function

Stratum corneum, the topmost layer of skin, provides the most essential barrier function against water loss and environment insults. It is often portrayed as “Bricks and Mortar”  model, in which anucleous corneocytes embeds in continuous lipid matrix. Within the lamellar structure, lateral organization of the lipid often exists as three phases: orthorhombic phase; hexagonal phase; liquid-crystalline phase.

FTIR spectroscopy is sensitive to molecular structural changes in lipid organization. Tracking center of mass (COM) of
symmetric CH2 stretching and relative orthorhombic phase content, we can probe the skin barrier function and measure
alterations in response to different treatments.

Significant changes in lipid
packing are observed due to
UV treatment. The higher COM
and less orthorhombic phase
represents higher disorder in
the lipid chain packing,
indicative of changes in the
skin barrier function.

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