hair services

laboratory testing

conditioning, manageability,
and fiber alignment

The primary technical function of most conditioning products is to lubricate the hair surface and in doing so, facilitate manageability and provide detangling benefits and lower combing friction. A common and highly consumer-relevant approach for measuring this lubrication involves an instrumental combing experiment.
Testing involves use of an Instron tensile tester to measure frictional forces while a hair tress is pulled through a comb.
We perform such experiments in accordance with the widely-used method first proposed by Garcia & Diaz (JSCC, 27, (1976) 379-398 – Comb ability Measurements on Hair).  Combing experiments are performed in the wet or dry state after treatment.

wet & dry combing example

Combing experiment set up where the tress is suspended from a load cell and is being pulled through the comb.

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