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Our capabilities are organized principally around spectroscopic, microscopic and biophysical techniques.
Our technical platform encompasses a powerful set of cutting-edge tools and techniques along with complementary approaches for material characterization and analysis, especially well- suited for the study of bio-materials such as hair, skin, nail, bone and/or teeth.


With our range of spectroscopic tools, characterization goes well beyond just visualization, but deeper into the analysis, identification, and localization of molecular and structural components within the sample. These analyses and information can then be correlated to a host of different biophysical parameters.

Furthermore, our techniques are exceptional in applications for testing, understanding and comparing variations or changes in biomaterials with relation to specific conditions like aging, diseases, environmental stresses (e.g. UV exposure), chemical exposure, and product treatments (product application or drug therapy). More importantly, biomaterial changes as a function of various factors (whether extrinsic or intrinsic influences) can be established and monitored in specific areas of interest such as at the surface or deep inside the biomaterials of interest.

Samples we test:


Stratum Corneum — Tape Strips — Skin Sectioning — In-vivo human skin — Ex-vivo skin — Acne — Simple cells — Follicles — Formulations

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