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laboratory testing

TRI offers a broad variety of analytical techniques to access the functionality of raw materials and finished products on hair.


The test information can be used to aid in modifying material composition, enhance end product formulations  and execute research studies. Data from these techniques can be used by customers for claims substantiation. Study plans for testing are generated with the goal of best representing the material or product, on the best suited substrate, using the optimum equipment and method in order to achieve the desired outcome.

available tests:

Hair Internal Structure Strength

Repeated Grooming

for Products

Affecting Cuticles

conditioning, manageability, fiber alignment

wet or dry state

twisting modulus

color protection and uptake 


of individual fibers

static buildup and dissipation

morphological properties

of substrate surfaces

split ends

speed of dryness with dryers and products

transition temperature and changes in protein structure

style retention

humidity resistance and frizz control


and retaining fullness

fiber alignment, shine, and health

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