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Speed of Drying

Custom-Built Test Apparatus

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Speed of Drying
Custom-Built Test Apparatus
If you want to show how your product reduces hair drying times, or how fast your blow-drying device dries the hair versus others, then you might want to consider the speed of drying test.

This test monitors the weight of hair as a function of time to assess the rate of drying. A typical dry time test would involve periodically weighing wet treated tresses in our test apparatus until the weight reaches equilibrium or a level determined by the test protocol.  This approach may be used to determine the relative performance of different hair driers or assess any product-related effects.  The key to this test is the setting of experimental parameters to achieve accuracy and reproducibility.  TRI has performed many of these tests for clients and can advise on the ideal protocol for your study.

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Changes in hair weight with drying are measured using a load cell (Instron).

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