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Active Penetration


Diffusion Cell Experiments

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Active Penetration
Diffusion Cell Experiments
The clinical efficacy of any cosmetic or medicinal skin active is determined not only by its intrinsic activity, but also by its delivery to the site of action.  Pre-clinical skin delivery studies are, therefore, essential in ensuring that active delivery is maximized and that clinical tests are successful.

There are many complex variables to consider when designing skin delivery studies, including type of test protocol to choose (finite dose or infinite dose), choice of skin substrate, choice of receptor phase, etc.  TRI can help you navigate through this and help you design the right tests for your products.  We also have access to a wide range of different analytical tools to measure the levels of your actives (and their metabolites) in the skin and the receptor phase.


PermeGear Franz diffusion cells available for use at TRI.  Simple, no complex automation, large surface area for ease of application and tape-stripping.

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