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Hair Strength and Damage

Fatigue Experiments


Dia-Stron Fatigue Instrument repeatedly stretches each fibre until it breaks.

Topless Woman
Hair Strength and Damage
Fatigue Experiments
Fatigue experiments assess the tendency for hair breakage under the repeated application of small deformations. On the one-hand, the approach can be considered a more realistic simulation of consumer practices where grooming represents such a stimulus. But, in addition, these experiments almost always show bigger differences between samples than the traditional tensile testing approach.

Fatigue experiments can be done under different stresses and at different speeds.  TRI is highly expert in this technique and can advise on the best protocol for your study and how the data can be interpreted.

TRI Publications
Evans (2009)
Evans (2017)
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Typical fatigue data.  In this example, the number of hairs that break is highest after a low number of stretch cycles.  Only a few fibers are able to withstand a high number of stretch cycles.  The steepness and the shape of the curved line is an indication of internal fiber properties and hair strength.

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