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The so-called polarized light approach has become a more-popular means of assessing the technical shine of hair arrays. The measurement process involves capturing two images of light reflecting off the hair array surface. The first is performed with polarizing filters mounted in a parallel configuration, which allows for evaluation of the total reflected light (i.e. specular and diffuse).
A second process utilizes perpendicular polarized filters, which eliminates the specular reflection and consequently captures only diffuse reflection. The subsequent subtraction of one image from the other yields the specular reflection and these two parameters can then again be used in conjunction with shine equations listed in the scientific literature to provide quantification.

Samba® by Bossa Nova Technologies

In theory, deposition of materials on the highly reflective surface of hair should lead to a reduction in shine, yet consumers frequently ascribe benefits to commercial conditioning products. A seemingly logical explanation involves the ability for conditioners to facilitate manageability and by doing so aid in the ability to induce hair fiber alignment. For this reason, TRI designed a modified version of the tress holding device which allows hair to be combed into and clamped in place.

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