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Hair Claims Testing


TRI offers a wide variety of measurement techniques to assess the effects of raw materials, finished products and appliances on hair. This technical verification is commonly at the heart of constructing attractive marketing claims. TRI Princeton’s technical reports are recognized by regulators and advertising authorities around the world as being unbiased and of high quality.

Hair Tress Tests

These methods are used to show how products or devices deliver end-benefits to the whole hair array that are directly consumer relevant (e.g. softness, smoothness, shine etc).  These types of techniques also often help support marketing propositions (e.g. “twice as smooth”, “10x less breakage”).

Hair Fiber Tests

These methods are used to show how products or devices affect the properties of hair fibers and hair arrays. Data from such studies provides technical verification of product efficacy and are often used in crafting attractive marketing claims.

Active Deposition & Absorption Techniques

These methods are used to measure the delivery of actives onto and into the hair.  Data are used by our clients to support penetration claims (e.g. “containing coconut oil that penetrates deep into the hair”).

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