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Frizz Control

Image Analysis

Time lapse video of a tress initially equilibrated at low relative humidity put into a chamber of high humidity.

Young Model
Frizz Control
Image Analysis
Consumers whose style creation process involves straightening hair are frequently troubled by frizz. The cause of this predominantly relates to re-adsorption of moisture from the environment which leads to progressive reversion of the water-set. This occurrence is exacerbated by high humidity conditions.  If you want to show how your products are able to control hair frizz, then you might consider performing a frizz control test.  These experiments can also be used to investigate the humidity resistance of styling treatments.

Image analysis is used to assess the shape of heat straightened hair in the presence of elevated humidity conditions. High quality photographs show the progressive reversion of the hair shape as a result of the external stimulus.

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Evans (2015)
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Digital images of tresses converted to white scale for image analysis.

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