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Internships at TRI

Our Internship Programme

TRI is committed to educating the next generation of scientists, and education is a key pillar of the Institute’s overall mission: ‘Research, Education and Service’. TRI Princeton is proud to be able to offer internship opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students interested in gaining laboratory skills in skin and hair science, and other applications.

Spring Time for Science at TRI Prineton

Over the years, TRI has provided paid internship positions to students from the US and around the world (France, UK, Brazil and Italy). Recruiting interns from outside the US has many challenges with respect to US work visas, travel costs and accommodation costs, but, in many cases, solutions can be found.

Internships usually last 2-3 months, and usually take place over the summer. However, they can, if suitable, take place at other times of the year.

TRI doesn’t have a fixed program for internships and offers paid positions based on the business needs at the time, the Institute’s finances, and the quality of the candidate. Many of the interns we have recruited have been studying subjects like chemistry, biology, cosmetic science, and pharmaceutical science, however some have been studying engineering, computing, business studies, or mathematics; it really depends on what the team needs at the time.

If you are interested in an internship at TRI, please contact us.
Past & Present Intern Students at TRI


Sharon Sango

Biochemistry Degree, Trinity College, Hartford, US


Katrina Reichenbach

Fiber Science Degree, Cornell University, US


Casey Posner

Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree, University of Toledo, US


Réis Brahimi-Crampes

College of advanced technology, IUT Marseille, FR


Jenny Mao

Biological Engineering and Computer Science Degree, Cornell University, US


Tracy Hervies

Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design Degree, University of Toledo, US


Murielle Mason

Chemistry Degree, Drew University, US


Martyna Kwiatkowska

Cosmetic Science Masters, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Aditi Arora

Chemistry Degree, California State University, US


Leila Sorrells

Biomedical/Medical Engineering Masters, Columbia University, US


Minsu Kang

Associates Degree in Engineering Science, Mercer County Community College, US


David Jarosz

Associates Degree in Business Administration, Bucks County Community College, US


Ayin Abegunde

Chemical Engineering Degree, Northwestern University, US


Vanessa Castro

Chemistry Degree, Penn State University, US


Sudhir Vel

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Degree, Purdue University, US


Seun Okimi

Chemistry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Degree, Duke University, US


Arianna Cecilia Cozzi

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD, University of Pavia, Italy


Marcella Gabarra

Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Past and Present Interns

If you are interested in an internship at TRI, please contact us.

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