Lipid Organization

& Barrier Function

Lipid Organization & Barrier Function


TRI is conducting a series of FTIR spectroscopy experiments to assess changes in skin barrier lipid and protein organization as a function of treatment chemistries, actives of interest for investigation as well as skin damage and location. Several other environmental parameters could be investigated as well, such as: temperature, pH, active delivery, surfactants and UV exposure, etc. These experiments will be conducted on appropriate experimental models, in most cases - ex-vivo human skin. The main differences are the increase in the high frequencies of the CH2 bands which reflects a modification of the acyl chain packing as a function of increasing temperature, decrease in the water content, pH, etc. Several IR peaks are useful for additional analyses: OH to evaluate water content, Amide I and Amide II to estimate protein content and follow the secondary structure of the proteins within the samples.

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