Natural Moisturization

Factor in Skin

Natural Moisturization Factor in Skin


FTIR imaging micro-spectroscopy will be used to study human corneocytes isolated from different skin locations (arm, leg, back etc.) and at different stages. The method is suitable for monitoring molecular structure, chemical composition, and biological maturation processes occurring in these epidermal cells. The latter are tracked through concentration changes in the relative levels of natural moisturizing factor (NMF). NMF can contribute up to 30% of the SC’s dry weight and is essential to maintaining SC hydration which, in turn, is essential for both enzymatic activity and SC mechanical properties.

TRI has developed a proprietary new experimental protocol where IR spectra are recorded by ATR-FTIR imaging at high spatial resolution directly on the corneocytes without need for extraction, sonication, nor filtration (to eliminate artifact from preparation). Hyperspectral images that are then generated and specific to the sample will be used to depict and semi-quantitatively compare any differences in NMF levels in cells from different skin locations, areas, controls, damaged skin, before and after treatments, treatments at different stages etc.

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