Ernesta Malinauskyte

Principal Research Scientist

Ernesta Malinauskyte

Principal Research Scientist

Dr. Ernesta Malinauskyte earned her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). She has ~10 years of academic and professional experience in food engineering and hair sciences.

Currently, at TRI Princeton in the role of Principal Research Scientist, Ernesta is responsible for leading a team of results-driven researchers investigating all textures fiber interactions with hair care, chemical & physical treatments, environmental insults (UV, particles, and ozone), as well as developing new claims substantiation methods for all types of hair and devices. Ernesta with the team also work on expanding TRI research capabilities in the microbiome, hemp products use for textile & skincare areas.

Ernesta often pushes the boundaries to make things better at TRI. This includes modification and enrichment of the work environment so the true potentials of interns, technicians, junior and experienced scientists are enabled.

Ernesta is an active member of the research community via publishing and giving the presentation on research and hair science topics in academic environment, industry, and hairdresser communities.

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