Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud

Director, Skin & BioSubstrates

Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud

Director, Skin & BioSubstrates

Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud is the molecular and structural analysis expert at TRI. He uses various spectroscopic and microscopic techniques for the characterization of biomaterials and the study of biological modifications associated with specific conditions like treatment, drug use, disease, age or environmental factors.
Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud’s expertise lies in multiple biophysical techniques with a special emphasis on vibrational spectroscopies (FTIR & Raman) for bio-material sciences. He has more than 10 years of research experience, including technique development, project design and coordination, as well as a successful track record of achievements. Over the years, Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud extended the application of its biophysical techniques, to diverse biological tissues; Bone, teeth, nail, hair and skin.
Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud received a doctorate in Biochemistry with a specialization in Biophysics from the University of the Mediterranean (France) in 2005. He began his career at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)/Weill Cornell Medical College studying the mechanisms of biomineralization via analyses of the mineral and matrix properties in mineralized tissue (bone, teeth). Aftre as associate researcher, Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud has been examining the structural and functional analysis of Lipid/Protein interactions involved in the host - defense mechanism at Rutgers University.

Since he joined TRI in 2011 Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud developed innovative tests, research areas and product evaluations relevant to cosmetic sciences, material analysis and medical applications; from technology development to product design and performance evaluation on hair, nail and skin care products. He also developed several long-standing external collaboration with academic leaders at local universities (Cornell, HSS, Rutgers, Columbia, University of Pittsburg).


Dr. Gourion-Arsiquaud was promoted to Director Skin & BioSubstrates in May 2017 to reflect his developing stature as leader of this important growing Cosmetic Business within TRI.

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