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A Bridge Across the Pond

Paul Cornwell joined TRI on 22nd May. It will be his job to bridge ‘the pond’, also sometimes known as the Atlantic Ocean (!), between TRI Princeton and cosmetic businesses in Europe. Paul will be based in the UK, and will work from his home, however, he will be jumping backwards and forwards over ‘the pond’ many times during the year to spend time at the Institute.

“My work,” said Paul, “is split into four main areas. The first area is concerned with developing the right test protocols for clients in Europe. The cosmetics market is constantly changing, and I will need to keep TRI one step ahead of what European clients might need for product testing. For example, the emergence of alternative types of hair cleaning products in Europe and the rest of the world, such as dry shampoos and cleansing (no-poo) conditioners requires the adoption of new protocols to support hair cleansing claims. Also, as another example, consumer concerns around the world about the effects of pollution and environment on their skin and hair require new approaches for product testing from TRI.”

“The second area that I am looking after is building closer relationships with European clients. My job will be to listen to the needs of European companies, and to bring them closer to what we are doing in TRI. So far, I have visited seven TRI clients in my first two months, there are many, many more to go! In addition to this I will be working with Eleanor and Trefor to take the TRI ‘Science Behind Hair Claims’ course to European soil in 2018.”

“The third area of work for me is to ensure that European clients get the right contracting testing from TRI to help them to grow their businesses. Most of TRI’s contract testing at present is performed for US companies, my job is to build-up the number of tests being requested by European companies.”

“The fourth and final area of work for me is to build more collaborations with European businesses. What I would like to do is to work with clients to develop collaborative research projects. As an independent research institute, focused just on the needs of cosmetic businesses, I think TRI has a unique offering for companies, that is very distinct from what is offered from Universities or contract testing companies. I will be looking to set-up smaller projects to help, for example, develop new instrumental methods or protocols, and larger projects to deliver technical insights that that are molded exactly to clients’ business needs.”

Paul has settled in quickly at TRI, and has spent over four weeks at the Institute in his first two and half months in his role. “I can’t deny that, when I visit TRI, it has a special charm about it”, said Paul, “I don’t know if it is the old building with the library (I love libraries!), or the fancy grounds with all the trees and wildlife, or being in a lovely city like Princeton, or the friendly feel in the team, but it is, I can’t deny, a very good place to be.”

The President, David Graham said “Paul has been a breath of fresh air, full of vibrational energy and willingness to drive and fly that extra mile”. He also added, “he has settled into TRI life very quickly and is setting standards of efficiency that is fully approved and appreciated”. David also commented “Paul has found the route to low priced airfares and although he has experienced living in the Sheep Herder’s Cottage as a Birthday Present, we are pleased that his travel plans to US from UK are not in the cattle compartments”.

“If the first two months are anything to go by, this is becoming a wonderful relationship and will put the Institute into very positive light with new projects in the future, such as our initiative into follicle science, sebum and the biometrics as well as environmental impact of sun and pollutants on our hair and skin. He is changing TRI for the better” explained the President.

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