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Call for Sponsors: Project HairHealth

Development of a pre-clinical assay for predicting the impact of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals on human hair shaft quality.

Monasterium Laboratory, Münster, and TRI Princeton, USA, are calling for sponsors for a two-year project to develop a new pre-clinical assay for predicting the effects of follicle actives on hair health. We will combine our world-class expertise and capabilities in ‘live hair’ follicles and ‘dead hair’ fibres to build new links between the processes of hair formation in the hair shaft factory, the hair bulb, and the quality of the hair shaft that emerges.

The ground-breaking assay arising from this project will be designed for the testing of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical actives that have an action on the hair follicle. Key outputs for the sponsors will be:

  1. Open access to the data collected during assay development three years ahead of publication, giving invaluable, stand-alone insights to drive company R&D activities, and

  2. Use of the new assay to preclinically test company specific actives in a superior organ culture assay that will be unavailable to industry competitors outside of the pool of project sponsors.

TRI Princeton and Monasterium Laboratory are looking for 6-7 industry sponsors, each of whom is asked to contribute $90k p.a. for the two-year project starting in June 2018.

To discuss the research proposal please contact us today. Download the PDF with more details

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