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Conference Report: In Cosmetics Global, Amsterdam

Workshop – Cosmetic Clinical Study Design and Instrumentation – Advantages, limitations and opportunities

Paul Cornwell, TRI Cosmetics Europe, was invited to represent TRI at this 4-hour afternoon workshop organized by Dr Nava Dayan. The workshop was one of a series of ‘pay-to-enter’ events that are run as part of In Cosmetics Global in Amsterdam. We had 21 people come to this event. Many were from suppliers and various European contract testing businesses.

Paul’s presentation was titled “The use of spectroscopy in pre-clinical and clinical testing”. It showed how vibrational spectroscopies, such as IR and Raman spectroscopy, are used at TRI Princeton in pre-clinical settings to help prepare for full clinical tests on cosmetic products. These techniques are used to investigate active penetration and product effects on skin barrier lipids, moisturization and UV protection. The presentation also showed how IR and Raman spectroscopy have been successfully used in clinical tests to provide valuable additional information about active penetration and skin effects. It ended by opening-up a discussion about how spectroscopy might replace skin capacitance and TEWL tests as the work-horse method for skin moisturization testing. This, as expected, gave rise to some interesting and heated debates in the room! Generally speaking, there was a lot of interest in spectroscopy in skin testing, and, at the moment, it is not something that many other testing organizations offer. It is clearly an important and unique asset for TRI.

Other presentations at the workshop were;

  • Use of instrumentation in facial photography – relevant claims. Dr. Nava Dayan

  • The study of skin using contact ATR measurements in the infrared. Mary Thomson, Remspec Corporation

  • Clinical studies – facial appearance assessment via photography. Dr. Craig Weiss, Consumer Product Testing Co. Inc.

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