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Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting

The 45th Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting & Exposition was held on July 22-24 in New York City. It featured cutting edge research regarding novel drug delivery system for genes, proteins, peptides, vaccines, and antibiotics. Special focus was on tropical and transdermal delivery techniques in Cosmetics and Personal Care products. Highlights included:

1. Overview of skin penetration and release by Peter Landa pointed out strategies to overcome obstacles and methods to confirm targeted delivery by modifying the delivery system, optimizing the formulation, and changing skin’s environment, etc.

2. Bioadhesive nanoparticles, engineered by Mark Saltzman and his team, can stick on to human skin surface and form a homogenous film preventing sunscreen penetrating into skin and enabling water-resistance.

3. Microneedle patches are hot technique involved in accelerated delivery of hyaluronic acid, methyl amino levulinic acid, insulin, and antibiotic, etc.

TRI staff member Qihong Zhang was selected for a podium presentation. The presentation was on collaborative work of TRI Princeton with Center for Dermal Research, Rutgers University and UIPS, Panjab University with a title “Investigation of the Permeation of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs) Loaded with Ketoconazole (KTZ) into Skin Layers Using Spectroscopic Imaging Techniques”. The focus was on developing novel solid lipid nanoparticles delivery systems to achieve deeper penetration of ketoconazole at higher efficiency, and utilizing spectroscopic imaging techniques to track the spatial distribution of both the delivery system and the active. Qihong is shown pictured with her co-authors.

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