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Hair Claim Substantiation Team Update

I am happy to announce that two new members have recently joined my staff in late September/October. Shruti Patel and Ben Mac are two new vibrant researcher associates who bring a complementary skills base that adds to my existing team. The staff are now not only working on contract work for clients but are also devoting time to research in order to broaden their knowledge base and contribute to TRI’s growing research program. We are also continuously working to improve the lab equipment to handle the existing flow of work, take on additional work, and also have the ability to function for research. We now have a total of 3 DCS’s for thermal analysis, 3 Instrons for mechanical combing performance, and 2 new Diastrons (making a total of 6) for fiber diameter measurements, fatigue and tensile testing. These additions in conjunction with our existing repertoire of equipment/testing capabilities puts TRI at the forefront of hair care testing. Dr. David Graham, Alison Robinson and myself traveled to England in order to meet existing clients. This trip was instrumental in continuing our client relationships, generate future plans for contract research and also research collaborations.

Dr. Giorgiana Giancola Director – Personal Care Program


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