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Microbiome Claims: To Do or Not To Do?

This month sees the publication of a new review article on skin microbiome claims for cosmetic products in Personal Care Magazine ( Written by TRI team members, Dr Ernesta Malinauskyte and Dr Marcella Gabarra, it asks whether microbiome claims for cosmetics are scientifically or legally feasible yet.

The skin microbiome is a topic of great interest to the cosmetic industry and many discussions, regarding the influence of cosmetic products on the microbiome in the skin, have been conducted over the past few years. In this month’s edition of Personal Care Magazine, Dr Ernesta Malinauskyte and Dr Marcella Gabarra investigate the published evidence on the influence of cosmetics on the skin microbiome and how specific treatments can modulate balance of bacteria and fungi on the skin surface and improve skin condition. Their literature review shows that evidence can be confusing and contradictory. The review also demonstrates that the legal issues around microbiome claims, in both the EU and US, are still complex.

Ernesta and Marcella conclude that claims regarding the skin microbiome will continue to be challenging for a while longer. However, they expect that the intense research being undertaken at present in our industry will soon identify a clearer path for the development of microbiome claims.

For now it is written; To do or not to do; that is the Question.
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