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New Methods for Testing Sun Protection for Hair

Dr Ernesta Malinauskyte, Principle Research Scientist in Hair Care Research, has recently published two important articles on testing the damaging effects of sunlight on the hair.

Results show that artificial sunlight damage created in the laboratory correlates with natural weathering.

Most consumers are aware that exposure to UVB and UVA radiation accelerates skin aging and increases the risk of skin cancers such as melanoma. However, fewer individuals are aware that their hair is also affected by UV radiation. Ernesta, and the team at TRI, have developed new techniques to simulate sunlight damage to hair in the laboratory. Their tests have shown that exposure to solar radiation negatively affects hair protein structures and hair mechanical properties. The protocols developed at TRI are now being used to test sunscreens and antioxidants for the hair. Clients interested in screening their products should contact Ernesta (



Malinauskyte, E. Effects of solar radiation on hair: Will your products protect against it? Euro Cosmetics 4, 22-25 (2019) - Contact Ernesta for a copy ( Giancola, G. and Malinauskyte, E. Adaptive Measures: Translating UV Protection to Hair Claims. Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine, April ,35-46 (2019)

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