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Olá Marcella - Welcome to TRI!

This month we are pleased welcome Dr Marcella Gabarra Almeida Leite, from São Paulo, Brazil, into our team as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Marcella qualified as a Pharmaceutical Biochemist in 2016, with a degree from University of São Paulo, Brazil. Last year she earned her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the same university, focussing on technologies for cosmetic products. Marcella has always been interested in cosmetic science and has worked on the development and clinical evaluation of hair and skin care products since she was an undergraduate student.

Dr Marcella Gabarra Almeida Leite
Dr Marcella Gabarra Almeida Leite

Marcella got to know TRI when she visited us on a summer placement in 2016. We are very excited to have her back now as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Marcella will be working with us remotely from Brazil until the COVID restrictions are relaxed.


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