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Simulating Light Scattering from Hair for Computer Graphics and Appearance Prediction

We are pleased to announce that Dr Steve Marschner, from Cornell University, USA, will present a keynote lecture at the forthcoming 9th International Conference on Applied Hair Science, titled “Simulating Light Scattering from Hair for Computer Graphics and Appearance Prediction”. To book your ticket go to


Realistic visual simulation of hair appearance is regularly used in animation and visual effects, and the same techniques can also be used to predict hair appearance for the development of hair care products. The appearance of hair depends on many factors including the structure, properties, and condition of fibers and the way they are assembled in space, but a universal core challenge in these simulation methods is to model optical scattering by individual fibers.

This talk will survey the technology of hair appearance simulation, starting from the simplest models based on ray interactions with circular cylinders to more advanced methods that model the effects of elliptical or other cross sectional shapes and that improve the accuracy and numerical properties of earlier models. The basic techniques for computing the appearance of a fiber assembly under multiple scattering will be described, and new work that computes fiber scattering using a 2D wave optics computation will be previewed.


For more information about the conference contact us at

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