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TRI Participates in UK Cosmetic Science Course

Principles and Practice of Cosmetic Science (PPCS) course, February 25 – March 2, 2018 in Bournemouth, UK The PPCS course is somewhat of a ‘rite of passage’ for young product development chemists in the UK and Europe and has been running now, every two years, for over 40 years. This very intense course, accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry for continuing professional development and organized by the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists, runs for a full week and involves lectures, tutorials and group exercises. This year over 21 people attended the course, from companies in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Subjects covered included product safety, product advertising and claim support, surfactants, emulsions, hair care formulations, skin care formulations, packaging, preservation, scale-up and fragrance development.

Paul Cornwell (TRI) working with a tutorial group on hair claims testing

Paul Cornwell, from TRI, helped run group tutorials on hair claims and claims testing. Groups were challenged to create a claim support testing plan for a fictitious product proposed by Paul called ‘DamGone’ Hair Mask. Attendees were presented with formulation details for the mask and proposed pack-copy claims and then challenged to construct robust and legal claim support. Feedback from the organizers and the attendees to the TRI contribution has been very positive, and TRI looks forward to sharing our expertise again in 2020.

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