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Product Evaluation in vivo

Product evaluation encompasses the investigation of deposition and retention on the skin surface, hydration and moisturization on different skin areas, penetration and hydration profile into the stratum corneum, sebum analysis, and more.


Typical products in this category include sunscreen, insect repellent, antiperspirant, lip products, cleansers, moisturizers, hand creams, etc.

The efficacy of lip products was measured and compared in terms of hydration. This allows us to assess the long lasting benefits of products. Three products were tested and compared before treatment and at various time points after treatment. Product A shows better skin hydration and longer lasting effect. Similar analysis can be done on other products targeting other parts of the body, such as scalp, hands, and face.

We can directly monitor the retention of specific actives on the skin surface and therefore determine how long these molecules will stay on the skin surface. Additionally, we can assess the water-proof efficacy of specific formulations.

Our portable FTIR spectrometer (Remspec trometer with Optical Probe) is ideal for non-invasive, fast analysis of soft tissue.

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