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Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

Research Forum
TRI Member Company Event

Friday, April 12th, 9:00am - 1:00pm Est.

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Friday, April 12th, 9:00am - 1:00pm Est.

TRI Research Forum

Moderated by Dr. Crisan Popescu & Dr Apostolos Pappas

Research Forum gives TRI Member Companies an exclusive overview of new research and future research directions at TRI.  It is also a chance for members to give us some feedback on the areas of research that will be of most interest to them.  It is, as the title suggests, a forum for discussion.  A chance for TRI team to listen to what members need from our work.

This event is exclusive to TRI Member Companies.  Member companies should not share any of the information provided to anyone outside of their businesses.

Discussions on future directions will, on this occasion, be moderated by two independent, TRI Adjunct Fellows:  Dr Crisan Popescu, a hair and textiles sciences authority (details), and Dr Apostolos Pappas, a skin, nutrition and lipids science authority (details).

Forum Agenda
Eastern Standard Time

9:00 am - Introduction

David Graham (TRI President) , Crisan Popescu and Apostolos Pappas


9:15 am - Review of 2023

Paul Cornwell (Dir. Business Development)

9:20 am - Hair Product Evaluation and Claims Testing

Eleanor Lehman (Secretary, Treasurer and Dir. Contract Services) and Paul Cornwell

10:00 am - Hair Research - Part 1

Ernesta Malinauskyte (Dir. Hair Research)

10:40 am - Skin and Bio-Substrates Research

Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud (Dir. Skin & Bio-Substrates)

11:20 am - Hair Research - Part 2

Trefor Evans (Institute Fellow)

12:00 pm - Expert Panel Debate

Moderated by Crisan Popescu and Apostolos Pappas

12:40 pm - Closing Remarks


If you wish to join us in April for our Research Forum, please use the registration form to save your spot.

Please contact us if you encounter issues registering or have questions about the forum.

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