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Our expertise is in instrumental evaluation of hair and skin care products to aid with Product Development, Claims Substantiation, Litigation Support, Marketing, Competitive Product Analysis and Endorsements. Our goal is to deliver independent and expert quantitative assessment of our clients’ products in a timely manner. 

Hair Testing Services

TRI offers a broad variety of analytical techniques to assess the functionality of raw materials and finished products on hair. Our scientists closely examine the basic structure of hair, of hair care products, and interactions between the two. We believe that an understanding of how cosmetic treatments affect human hair properties is critical for the development of successful products.

Skin Testing Services

We are seeking to develop a better knowledge of the structure, organization and behavior of the body’s largest organ, skin. Researchers gain insights into how human skin is structured and how it functions based on genetic predisposition and the variations that occur from age, disease or treatments. TRI is setting out to better measure and characterize these variations and in so doing establish a more personal approach to skin science.

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