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Shaved Legs

Skin & Scalp Claims Testing


The skincare market is a key segment of the global beauty industry. TRI has a powerful set of state-of-the-art tools and techniques to study the skin and the scalp. Our tests can be performed as pre-clinical studies within TRI, or as part of a full clinical studies. For the clinical studies TRI will partner with professional clinical testing companies in the US and around the world. TRI also offers skin cell culture studies, in vitro skin penetration studies, and skin lipid analysis. TRI reports are recognized around the world as being unbiased and of high quality.

Measurement Capabilities

TRI offers a wide range of skin testing methods to clients for research studies, pre-clinical studies, clinical studies and for claim support.

Advanced Protocols

In order to fully address client and consumer needs, TRI has developed unique protocols to assess product effects and to assist in claims development.

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