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Facial Oil

Skin Claims Testing


Imaging Skin Surface Properties and Particulate Deposition

Macroscopic Imaging and Image Processing

High-quality, low-magnification images of the skin taken during clinical studies can be used to characterize a wide range of properties including skin inflammation, skin whitening, skin scaling (dandruff), hair growth and surface particulate deposition. Use of a portable macroscopic camera allows measurements to be made on a wide variety of body sites, including the face, forearm, armpit, and scalp. Combining high-quality images with advanced image analysis tools enables us to quantify many different parameters and support many different types of product claims. Macroscopic imaging at TRI is performed using the SkinCam (Newtone Inc.). This portable macroscopic camera has dual modality illumination systems (parallel and cross-polarization) coupled to a specific optical system to generate high-resolution images over an area of 10 x 10 cm2. Combined with specific image processing algorithms, this instrument can be used to quantify a wide range of skin surface properties. The SkinCam can be used in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. Contact us to see how it can be used for your product testing applications.

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