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February 2019

Cosmetic Measurement & Testing (COMET) · France

Our technical platform encompasses a powerful set of cutting-edge tools and techniques

along with complementary approaches for material characterization and analysis, especially well-suited for the study of skin and other bio-substrates such as hair, nail, bone and/or tooth.


With our technical and scientific expertise, we can provide customized services to support product testing and research. These include but are not limited to:

  • Skin barrier and lipid organization

  • Hydration and Natural moisturizing factor (NMF)

  • Active permeation and delivery

  • Impact of environmental stresses (UV, ozone, particulate matter)

  • Formulation characterization and optimization

  • UV, IR protection and SPF calculation ex vivo

  • In vitro, in vivo and ex vivo testing

  • Advanced molecular visualization (IR and Raman spectroscopic imaging)

Samples we test:


Isolated Stratum Corneum • Tape Strips • Human and Porcine Skin

Blackheads • Follicles • Formulations

Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes • Hair • Nails

Mineralized Tissue, Bone, and Teeth

technical platforms:

Actives – Delivery,
Deposition, Penetration

Product Evaluation in vivo

Skin Barrier Function


Follicles and Skin Substructures

Natural Moisturizing Factor


Photo Stability and SPF Determination of Sunscreens

Skin Moisture and Water Content

Environmental Exposure, Damage, and Protection

Publications and Abstracts

Investigate and visualize the skin barrier alterations associated with environmental stresses (UV, ozone) by FTIR Spectroscopy and FTIR imaging analysis. 

Investigate the photo-induced damages, and the protection provided to skin, by different UV filters using FTIR Spectroscopy analysis.

Innovative Hair and Scalp Analysis Using Macroscopic Imaging.

New Tool to Asses Sebum Removal and Cleansing Efficiency of Dry Shampoos and Other Hair Products on Hair and Scalp

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