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Sun (UV) Protection

Solar Simulator


Denaturation temperature of naturally and artificially weathered unpigmented virgin hair.  The graph shows how laboratory tests correlate with actual sunlight exposure.

Girl with Micro Braids
Sun (UV) Protection
Solar Simulator
If you want to show how well your products protects the hair from UV damage, then you may consider performing a UV protection study.

Our UV protection studies use an instrument to artificially expose hair to high levels of simulated sunlight.  The intensity of the light is equivalent to continuous unbroken sunshine at mid-day, in a country close to the equator.  We have shown that this is roughly 4.5 times the sun exposure you would actually get over a full 24 h in Florida or Nevada.  The effects of UV damage can be measured using tensile testing, differential scanning calorimetry and dry combing.   UV sunscreens, if applied correctly, have been shown to provide some protection.

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