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Skin Natural Moisturizing

(NMF) Factors Levels


Female Model
Skin Natural Moisturizing
(NMF) Factor Levels
The maintenance of the correct water levels in each skin layer is vital for skin health.  Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) functions to control water levels in the stratum cornem (SC).  An absence of NMF is believed to be linked to skin problems, such as skin dryness and atopic dermatitis (eczema).  If you are interested in measuring the levels of NMF to investigate the effects of skin treatments, you might consider using TRI’s unique, tape-stripping and spectroscopy technique .

In our method corneocytes can be obtained quickly and easily from human subjects by tape-stripping.  ATR-FTIR imaging spectroscopy is used to evaluate NMF content and corneocyte hydration levels inside the SC.  Tape-strips can conveniently be transported to TRI from the clinical test centre.


Useful applications include the measurement of NMF changes on frequent washing with skin cleansing products (e.g. for skin mildness claims), and the measurement of NMF changes in response to topical treatments for skin dryness or atopic dermatitis.


Images at the top are of individual corneocytes removed from the tape-strips.  Below shows the FTIR imaging results from the boxed areas above.  It is clear that NMF levels (red) are higher as you go deeper into the skin.

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