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A method for evaluating the ability to mend split ends was recently published by Wright and Szerszen (“Ending the Cycle of Split Ends”, Cosmetics & Toiletries, November 2011, p804), although this approach was introduced previously by Rigoletto et al. (“Semi-permanent split end mending with a polyelectrolyte complex”, J.Cosmet Sci., 58, 451-476, 2007 and “Polyelectrolyte complex for mending damaged hair”, Cosmetics & Toiletries, 124(3) 2009).  This procedure is followed to evaluate the ability of the supplied regimens to induce comparable effects.
We have introduced a grading scale to better characterize the level of “repair” which allows for ready assessment of the state of the hair and provide information in a format suitable for the characterization of split end “repair”.


Photomicrographs of split ends before and after treatment are taken using a stereo microscope and visually ranked accoring to the scale.  This ranking allows the relative performance of products to improve the apperacen of split ends to be evaluated.

Example split end seen before and after treatment

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