Trefor Evans

Institute Fellow, Director of Research


Dr. Trefor Evans has worked in the Hair Care industry for almost 25 years. The majority of this time was spent as a scientist and manager in the product development labs of large consumer goods companies (Unilever, Helene Curtis); he joined TRI in 2007 where he served as Director of Measurement Services for 5 years. He now holds the title Institute Fellow and is responsible for TRI’s Research Program.
Dr. Evans is highly active in the hair care industry through many working relationships with companies of every shape, size and background. He is a regular presenter at International hair conferences and has been an invited speaker at many technical meetings and symposia. Most recently he served as Chairman of the 6th International Conference on Applied Hair Science in Princeton, NJ. He has published numerous articles in trade magazines and the scientific literature and is co-author and co-editor of the book “Practical Modern Hair Science” by Allured Books. He writes a regular column on hair testing and hair science for Cosmetics and Toiletries and serves on the magazine’s Scientific Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Expert Reviewing Panel for the Journal of Cosmetic Science.
Dr Evans possesses a Ph.D. in the area of physical analytical chemistry and has spent his career using instrumental testing approaches to support the development, launch and maintenance of many internationals cosmetics
products and brands. Such approaches also continue to be at the heart of fundamental research programs that have twice been awarded by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He moderates and teaches TRI’s Hair Science and Hair Claims Courses which have been held in both the US and Europe. He also lectures on Hair Science and the Hair Care Industry as part of Master of Business and Science program in Personal Care Science at Rutgers University, and has instructed at educational events organized by the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. 
Recent Publications

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Books and Chapters
Ed.Trefor Evans and R. Randall Wickett (2012), Practical Modern Hair Science, Allured Books
Evans, Trefor (2010), Ed. J.W. Fluhr, Practical Aspects of Shampoo and Conditioner Testing in Practical Aspects of Cosmetic Testing, Springer Press

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