TRI's 9th International Conference

on Applied Hair Science

June 7-11, 2021

Live On-Line Event
Join us at TRI for the week of June 7th - 11th as we host the first on-line version of the International Conference on Applied Hair Science. This conference will be live streamed. All the presentations will also be available to attendees on play-back on the conference website and the TRI Library.

The International Conference on Applied Hair Science focuses on the science and technology of hair care. Our conference advisory board is made up of prominent industrial and academic scientists representing the hair industry. As always, we look forward to bringing together the best of those creating hair products today with innovators sharing insights into the technologies and methods of tomorrow.

Conference Agenda
All Times Eastern Standard Time
Monday, June 7th

8:30a - 8:45a - Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Session 1 – Hair Biology

8:45a - 9:30a

Plenary: Role of the Scalp Microbiome in Health and Disease: Malassezia, Friend or Foe?

Tom Dawson, A-Star, Singapore

9:30a - 10:00a

How Do Follicles Make Different Types of Hair? A Systems-Biology Approach!

Duane Harland, Ag Research, NZ 

10:00a - 10:30a

Understanding Hair Bioenergetics to Modulate Hair Growth

Aishwarya Sridharan, A-Star, Singapore

10:30a - 11:00a

Frontiers in Human Hair Follicle Chemosensation: Hair(y) Matters in the Odor, Taste, and Pheromone Circus

Ralf Paus, University of Miami, Florida, USA
11:00a - 11:30a

Hairfall – A Review of Hair Retention Methods and Insights into Scalp Care

Brian Fisher P&G, Cincinnati, USA

11:30a - 12:00p

Comprehensive Microbiota Analysis Comparison of Oily and Healthy Scalps

Philip Ludwig, BASF, USA

Tuesday, June 8th

8:30a - 8:35a - Introductory Remarks

Session 2 – Insight Into Hair Structure

8:35a - 9:15a

Plenary: Untangling a Hairy Mess with Molecular-Level Insights From Mass Spectrometry

Evelyne Mayes, Ag Research, NZ

9:15a - 9:45a

High-Strain Stress Relaxation: Probing the Main Structural Components in the Cortex of Human Hair

Paul Carpenter, Unilever, UK 

9:45a - 10:15a

The Matrix Revisited

Trefor Evans, Crisan Popescu, TRI-Princeton, USA

10:15a - 10:45a

Nano Scale Chemical Characterization of Human Hair Using AFM-IR

Paul Pudney, Unilever, UK/Alex Fellows, University of Cambridge, UK
10:45a - 11:15a

Moisture in the Cuticle Sheath: Effects on Hair Mechanical and Cosmetic Properties

Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Ashland, USA

11:15a - 11:45a

The Impact on Physical Properties of Hair After Extracting Lipids with Shampoo Surfactants

Ernesta Malinauskyte, TRI-Princeton, USA

Thursday, June 10th

8:30a - 8:35a - Introductory Remarks

Session 3 – Hair Insults & Protection

8:35a - 9:15a

Plenary: Learning From the Technical Fibre World on Cyclic Fatigue, Statistical Analysis Models and Fibre Anisotropy

Dr Sébastien Joannes, Mines ParisTech, PSL University, Centre des Matériaux (CMAT), France

9:15a - 9:45a

Human Pollution Exposure Correlates with Accelerated Ultrastructural Degradation of Hair Fibers

Thomas Bornschlögl, L’Oreal, France

9:45a - 10:15a

Evaluation of the Interaction of Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) Extract Compounds with the Hair Fiber and Its Benefits for the Hair and Scalp Care

Marcella Gabarra, São Paulo University, Brazil/TRI

10:15a - 10:45a

UV Oxidation of Hair – New Mechanistic Insights

Jennifer Marsh, P&G, USA
10:45a - 11:15a

In Situ Structure Evolution of Virgin and Treated Hair During Stretching

Laura Sabatier, Université Paris-Saclay, France

11:15a - 11:45a

Textured Hair: Physiochemical Properties and the Influence of Environmental and Chemical Insults

Roger McMullen, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, USA

Friday, June 11th

8:30a - 8:35a - Introductory Remarks

Session 4 – New Methods

8:35a - 9:15a

Plenary: Simulating Light Scattering from Hair for Computer Graphics and Appearance Prediction

Prof Steve Marshner, Computer Science Department, Graphics & Vision Group, Cornell University, USA

9:15a - 9:45a

New Capability Development to Characterize, Measure and Enhance Deposition of Benefit Agents from Shampoos

Lu Bai, Dow Chemical, USA

9:45a - 10:15a

Improvements in Fibre Decrimping Metrology: Applications and Insights into the Low Load Mechanical Properties of High Curl Type Fibres

Becky Lunn, Diastron Corp., UK

10:15a - 10:45a

A New Engine for the Long-Lasting Shaping of the Hair Without Oxidative Damage

Lucien Bildstein, L’Oreal, Paris
10:45a - 11:15a

IInfluence of Ethnicity and Damage Levels on Fragrance Substantivity on Hair

Rebeca Gasparin, Symrise, Brazil

11:15a - 11:45a

Assessment of Hair Care Products on Human Scalp with In Vivo Confocal Raman Spectroscopy

Iryna Kruse, proDERM, Germany

Pictures From Previous Conferences
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