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At TRI we are passionate about science.  Sharing this passion with our members, industry professionals and the community at large is a primary focus for the institute.

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June 7-11, 2021
TRI's 9th International Conference on Applied Hair Science

Bringing together the creators hair products today with the innovators sharing insights into the technologies and methods of tomorrow.

TRI Training Talks
Every fortnight from Wednesday March 10th to May 5th
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24th March

Creating Good Cosmetics Claim Support: Designing the Right Claims Experiments

with Paul Cornwell

7th April

Repeated Grooming (Breakage) Tests

with Dr. Trefor Evans

21st April

FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy Tests to Measure Active Penetration Into Skin and Hair

with Dr. Samuel Gourion Arsiquaud

5th May

Differential Scanning Calorimetry Experiments on Hair

with Dr. Ernesta Malinauskyte