UV Filters & Sunscreens

UV Filters & Sunscreens – Efficacy, Optimization & Interaction with Sun


We endeavor to investigate actives and formularies in protecting against UV exposure as function of different actives, different formularies, exposure levels and conditions using established commercial compounds/components. These studies will examine the efficacy and role of UV filters in protecting the skin using in-vivo, ex-vivo, and in-vitro techniques under various conditions of application, use, and exposure to light, humidity, temperature, time, etc. to better understand their performance efficacy along with their interaction with the skin. Analysis: We will engage our various spectroscopy methods, sample preparation, and interpretation techniques to study the skin barrier, skin hydration, lipid conformation, impact on skin proteins, lipids, etc. along with UV filter active deposition, penetration, and their interactions within the stratum corneum.

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