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Pollution Protection

Gaseous Pollution

Model with Curly Hair
Pollution Protection
UV & Gaseous Pollution Test Chamber
If you want to show how well your product protects hair from UV and gaseous pollution, such as ozone, you may consider performing an anti-pollution test.

Our anti-pollution test for UV and gaseous pollution uses a custom-built chamber that is able to pass a fixed amount of ozone pollution over the surface of the hair.  The chamber has a UV-transparent lid, and is placed inside a solar simulator (Q-Sun), to test the combined effects of gaseous pollution and sunlight.  In a typical test pollution levels and sunlight levels are exaggerated.  The effects of pollution damage can be measured using differential scanning calorimetry and dry combing.

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The custom-built ozone chamber, with transparent lid for use in the Q-Sun Solar Simulator, connected to the ozone generator.

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