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laboratory testing


We can use FTIR (6.25 μm spatial resolution), ATR-FTIR imaging (6.25 μm and 1.56 μm spatial resolution), Confocal
Raman, along with various microscopic techniques to analyze skin, hair, fabrics, and other bio-substrates.

We can image and analyze sections of skin before treatment (left) and after treatment of a product (right) to see penetration of an active into the skin.

ATR-FTIR imaging allows us to visualize product deposition on single hair fibers.

We can also image hair cross sections to track penetration of actives inside the hair fibers, and monitor change of lipid content and molecular structural.

We can image swatches of fabric to track deposition and penetration of actives on the surface and inside the fabric. By this method, the efficacy of detergents can be tested.

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