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Dedicated to providing the highest quality of continuing education available to meet the ever expanding needs of the industries we serve, The TRI/Princeton Professional Education Program believes that education is a lifelong need for the individual as well as their professional growth. Only through continual learning can we hope to maintain the highest level of professional excellence.

The staff of the Center for Applied Hair Science offers a variety of educational offerings. Some representative examples include:

Applied Hair Science Conference : Run in alternate years since 2004, this conference has been at the forefront of the science and technology of hair care producing more than 75 refereed publications on technology and methods, attracting hundreds of technical innovators representing a wide range of companies that supply ingredients, services and market consumer products for hair care around the world.

Comprehensive Hair Care & Claims: The course is intended to be a primer for staff new to the field of human hair chemistry and those requiring a technical review of hair and its interaction with product. The instructors approach the material from a fundamental perspective, offering students the opportunity to closely examine the basic structure of hair, of hair care products, and interactions between the two. This course also provides an overview of the science used to substantiate marketing claims for hair care products.

Hair & Scalp Biology Workshop: This one day intensive workshop on hair and scalp biology, taught by leading hair biologist, Dr. Gillian Westgate, is intended to organize and advance hair and scalp biology as an integral component of hair care product development.

Variations of Hair & Skin : This focused international conference provides a unique platform to discuss variations of both hair and skin due to ethnicity, age, and health and approaches to design and market innovative products targeted to treat these effects.


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