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Laboratory Research

Research is core to TRI’s mission as an institute.  Since our formation, back in 1930, our purpose has been to use fundamental research to support industry.  Today, TRI collaborates with many member companies on a wide range of research activities.

TRI Research Publications

For a list of recent presentations and publications by TRI team members visit the TRI Library

Research Collaborations

Research collaborations with member companies come in two forms: (1) one-to-one collaborations, and (2) consortia projects.  One-to-one collaborations are able to focus on the needs of a single member company and are very flexible and quick to set-up.  Consortia projects deal with large scientific challenges, and, with multiple sponsors, are high-budget programmes that are able to make substantial technical breakthroughs.

TRI does not seek to own any of the intellectual property coming from research collaborations.  This remains the property of project sponsors.  Our purpose is to build new knowledge for industry, develop our own capabilities and, with the sponsors agreement, to publish the work.

For more information please contact us.

TRI Consortia Projects
blonde hair
Hair Movement
In Progress 2022-2023

Developing new methods to measure hair movement and to relate instrumental measures to consumer perception.

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